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Care for Ourselves, Caring for Others

Mountain Lake

Mental Health



The Sourceseeker Tanzania  Community Initiative

The Sourceseeker Tanzania  Community Initiative will provide a platform for Tanzanians and other Africans to coordinate travel, participation and education from Africa to America to go to school at American HBCU schools. Through our podcast Hip Hop College Source , we will help bring awareness to the resource. We will also teach classes virtual, and provide resources  and help to further prepare potential participation and awareness . The Initiative will also provide an import export - cooperative of resources and education between global communities.

The Initiative will help with travel, educational resources and provide much needed scholarships.

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  The Brighter Source Group 
President Baruti Carl Alexander
 Karen Padgitt Coney
Christopher Times
Ife Folami Mensah
Pam Ballard Hicks
Nurse Demetri Norris



The Brighter Source Group seeks to build an incubator featuring Professionals and Skilled persons.


We seek to build Brighter Lite from a Brighter Source.


If you wish to be a part of our movement contact us today

7135660423 or send an email too

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The Brighter Source Homeless Fund

The Brighter Source Homeless Fund seeks donations to help the homeless in downtown Houston, Texas. We will promote our fundraiser on our podcast Sourceseeker Hour,  on the episodes Black Young Men and Homelessness. We seek to further understand why black young men are homeless on the street and how we might assist them. This is an ongoing project that we will partner with other organizations.

Join us in our efforts to help our community.

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